Chevy’s Unicorn SS Sedan

The Chevy SS Sedan is a relic of the past. It is considered to be an unicorn in the modern automotive industry because it is a high powered sedan that is offered with a manual transmission. Alfred Fuller is the owner of this 2017 Chevy SS 6-Speed Manual Sedan. The car’s exterior is mildly but tastefully modified as it is lowered on Eibach Pro Kit Springs and rolling on our 20″ Staggered Stance SF07 in the Dual Brushed Gunmetal finish. Alfred gravitated towards our SF07 because he loves the design.

Alfred’s Chevy SS is built more for power and performance as it is equipped with the Whipple 2.9 Blower, Kooks Headers, 2G CTS-V Front 6 Piston brakes and Rotofab Intake system. He very much loves it as it is a quick and fund sedan.

F: 20×9 255/35/20
R: 20×10.5 295/30/20
INSTAGRAM: @1_more_mod